Preethi – The Leading Mixer Brand That Solves Your Kitchen Conundrums

It’s enough to mention the word Preethi in any Indian consumer’s house and it is certain to strike a tone of familiarity. Boasting of being one of the largest mixie manufacturers in the entire country, Preethi, a leading brand, that runs on core values of consumer trust, ethics in business practices and quality in products and services, has become a household name and has made almost 10 million sales in the country.

The brand has to its credit, 14000 dealers and has 450 authorized service centers that cater to all of your repairs with dedication. Moreover, there are 93 customer care centers and 103 distributors in India. The brand has also had an international customer base as it extends to various countries such as USA, Canada, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia and UK.

History of Preethi Kitchen Appliances

Having started out in the year 1978, Preethi is one of the leading manufacturers of mixer grinders. Furthermore, the brand has 7 manufacturing facilities spread across the states of Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh. During its inception, the brand was not yet recognised, as it was started primarily by a group of enthusiastic members and had its network only in the regions of Chennai. However with the rapid sales of its first few mixer grinders, the brand Preethi was born and since then, the brand has been at the forefront, constantly striving for excellence, quality and innovation. preethi zodiac mg 218 mixer grinder

In the 33 years that the brand had spent on establishing itself, it gained the position of being number one in the country. Therefore, Preethi which was famous only in southern India, soon became a national brand and gained international fame in a span of few years. Some of the key areas that the brand chose to focus on are research and development, innovation, marketing strategy and the services rendered. Research and development combined with market feedback, led the brand to improve itself in myriad ways. The brand also extensively focused on consumer behaviour and rectified areas which needed improvement.

Quality parameters and technology employed

One of the other key areas where the brand has soared higher, is its dedication to quality and material. In fact, since 2002, the ISO 9001-2008 certified brand has been growing annually at the rate of 25 percentage and also has to its credit, a host of awards. The hallmark of the brand, is the assurance of quality, which is evident in every product that Preethi produces, whether its a current product or a product under development. Some of the innovative technological inputs that the brand has introduced in its range of products include a 750W motor, super extractor, grind and store facility, flexi lid, chip n’ salad maker, turbovent technology, secure jar lock and a three point lid lock.

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